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Documents we can notarize

What to expect in the notary process

If you do NOT see your document of need listed below please call to enquire. 


» License Application 

» License Renewal

» Real Estate Closings 

» Loan Document packages

» Purchase of Sales

» Loan Modification

» I-9 form verification

» Notary signature forms

  • Taking acknowledgments

  • Witnessing signatures

  • Verification upon oath

  • Verification upon affirmation (jurat)

  • Administering oaths

  • DMV forms

  • Applications

»Duplicate Car Title transfer

» Sales & purchase transactions

»Living Will

»Power of Attorney

  • Family

  • Children

  • Medical

  • Financial

  • Personal Property

  • Mortgage

  • Banking

  • Many others that need a notarization.

*Not all of these documents can be notarized through Remote online notary services. They must be notarized in person.

1. Require personal appearance of signer.

2. Review the document is fully filled out.

3. Identify the signer(s) valid form of government identification.

4. Determine competency and willingness of signer.

5. Notary will create a journal record.

6. Client will sign journal.

7. Client will complete forms with notary.

8. Notary will complete the notarial certificate

9. Notary double checks all documents.

10.  Payment from client. *Cash / Card*

11. General notary allows for on-site scan to email.

             *scan backs are sent in pdf format*

12. Post a Positive Review on Google / Facebook.

Copy Certificate

» Certify that a copy is an accurate reproduction of the original.
»  Personal Documents
» Can NOT certify if what is in the document is true or accurate. 

Mobile Services

Last Minute service available in:

Boise, Eagle, Garden City, Meridian, Star. 

  ***65 minutes of travel from Garden City, Idaho will require 

 travel safety fee.

Documents to Notarize

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